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The Veterinary Medical Association of New York City was founded on January 25, 1894, at the West 57th Street office of Dr. Rush Shippen Huidekoper. Dr. Huidekoper was the author of several veterinary text books and had been the first dean of the Veterinary School at the University of Pennsylvania. He held both medical ant veterinary degrees but preferred the practice of veterinary medicine.

The Association was created in order to improve the methods of treating diseases and injuries of all domestic animals; to elevate the standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the veterinary profession; and to "cherish the spirit of brotherhood among members thereof." Funding for the fledgling organization was provided by membership dues of $2.00 a year.

In 1938, the VMA of NYC affiliated with the New York State Veterinary Medical Society which is headquartered in Albany, New York, and is composed of the members of 12 regional veterinary associations.

The current membership of the VMA of NYC is composed of some 225 veterinarians in private practice at hospitals and clinics located in New York City and practitioners at various not-for-profit institutions such as The Animal Medical Center, the Henry Bergh Memorial Hospital (ASPCA), The Humane Society of New York City and Bide-A-Wee. All are, of course, graduates of veterinary colleges and some are board certified diplomates in areas such as dermatology, dentistry, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, and surgery.

The Association holds eight scientific meetings each year in addition to an all day educational seminar at which prominent veterinary speakers provide information on the latest developments in veterinary medicine. Recently a program encompassing educational opportunities for animal health technicians has been introduced.

Pet owners wishing referrals to VMA of NYC member veterinarians are invited to call the VMA's Office of Public Information at (212) 246-0057, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. or E-Mail to The Association is located at 331 West 57th Street, #S-293, New York, New York 10019-3101.

President : Dr. Lisa Esposito
President-Elect : Dr. Julie Butler
Secretary : Dr. Mark Salemio
Treasurer : Dr. Andrew Karmin
Member at large : Dr. Linda Jacobson
Member at large : Dr. Lincoln Lee
Member at large : Dr. Keith Manning
Member at large : Dr. Robert Reisman
Member at large : Dr. Sameh Soliman
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