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Kitty Brown
To kick off National Adopt-a-Dog Month, WOOFS' intrepid Bash Dibra---never one to turn away a dog in need, or an opportunity to make a good life for a dog---teamed up with television commentator Roz Abrams on ABC's new hit show, VIEWS, to promote desirable doggie dynamics in the home and community!

"Each year, 15 million dogs are abandoned and, ultimately, destroyed, because of behavioral problems," says Dibra.

"It's an overwhelming and tragic statistic, "continues Dibra, "and even more heartbreaking, because it doesn't have to happen."

"Dogs are abandoned because people can't handle them, can't control them. The people may have good intentions, but, ultimately, they give up, and the dogs end up in the shelters. The shelters, of course, have their hands full with the overwhelming number of strays and abandoned dogs they rescue. Only the "best" dogs have a chance at adoption. The 'unruly' dogs, the 'problem' dogs, have less of a chance, and, ultimately, have to be destroyed."

"Bash is a big believer in canine good citizenship®," declares ABC's Roz Abrams, "because he believes that a well-behaved dog is a dog who will enhance a family's life and will remain with that family for the entirety of his life—he will never be abandoned. He will never become a tragic statistic. And a dog who is, unfortunately in a shelter, will have a better chance at adoption if he is trained, or, along with adoption, an option of training is available for the new 'parents' of the adopted dog!"

As Roz Abrams showed on VIEWS, Bash's system works.

"I call it 'In Tandem Training'," explains Bash. "It's training the owner to train the dog. The owner needs to take control—with love and care, mind you—but, none-the-less, he must control the dog."

"The owner really has to become the 'leader of the pack'" smiles Bash. "The owner must become the Alpha leader, and, once the dog realizes you are his Alpha, he will respond amazingly!'

"Those who know Bash Dibra know he gives all the credit to everything he knows about dogs—which is a lot! Three books and a video!—to his pet wolf, Mariah!" exclaims Ms. Abrams.

"Bash is known as the 'Dog Trainer to the Stars'—he's trained the dogs of Kim Basinger, Mariah Carey, Brook Shields and Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker—but you don't have to have a celebrity bank account to get results from Bash!" continues Ms. Abrams. "With Bash Dibra's three books and videos—available everywhere!—you can get the same results with your dog!"

But the results Bash hopes to achieve with his books and videos and expertise isn't an expanding roster of celebrity clients or fame—but a dwindling statistic of the number of dogs abandoned and destroyed in shelters due to behavioral problems.

"If you're thinking of getting a dog, please visit your local shelter and adopt one," suggests Dibra. "No dog is untrainable, and all dogs deserve a good and loving home."

Reprinted with Permission of Author
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